The Childlike Empress
My name is Kayla, but other people call me Sunshine or Tush. I am not dainty.
I like to fuck shit up. There is so much unseen beauty in chaos that people tend to take for granted. However, like yin to the yang, I also love embracing purity and innocence.
Somehow the internet has acted as a simplified gateway to peoples narcissism to the point where its cool to share every little meaningless musing about their existence. I guess this is my side of the story.

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I really want to know if in the year 5000 or whatever archaeologists will dig up anime figures and theorize about them being ancient deities and fertility statues.

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1,654 notes "Faeries are not fantasy, but a connection to reality. Faeries are irrational, poetic, absurd, and very, very wise. Faeries say there is nonsense in dogma, and sense in nonsense. Faeries express themselves with high seriousness and low humour. Faeries are resistant to all definitions." — Brian Froud (via blushingbreathless)

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